kmk digital
kmk digital



our work spans 3 continents
and we like it like that.

we are bilingual. our services continuously adapt to meet the changing markets and needs of our clients. we stay relevant. our services are broad but made to fit our client’s niche audience.



we integrate with your team and guide you through creating a personal and strategic online experience.

  • digital media planning

  • social media advisory

  • social media platform strategy

  • brand content strategy

  • quarterly and yearly marketing strategy

  • content seeding campaign strategy



we are passionate about how design can help communicate the right message to your customers + new and potential audiences. we believe in fluid and personal design.

  • social media collateral

  • ooh

  • web

  • print

  • packaging

marketing & activation.

marketing & activation.

what good is content if your target audience doesn’t see it? this is a 24-hour job, and we take it seriously. research and adaption is our jam.

  • social media campaign development & execution

  • niche collaborations

  • influencer programs

  • advertising strategy

  • community management

branding & content.

branding & content.

we create an experience for the end user and bring others along the way. we synchronize in creating a voice and tone that works for your brand aligned with strategic methodology.

  • logo & key visual

  • messaging

  • copywriting

  • style guide

  • brand book

  • web content

  • content curation

  • social media concepts

  • photography direction

  • events

  • video

  • production